Reduced Certification Costs Using Trusted Multi-core Platforms

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Main goals of RECOMP

The concrete objectives of RECOMP are the following:

Objective 1: Develop design methods and tools for certification and re-certification of mixed criticality applications on multi-core platforms.

* RECOMP aims at measurable cost-reductions in system design for mixed criticality , by providing e.g. certifiable components
* RECOMP aims at reduction in development cycles for systems in sectors requiring certification, by providing guidelines that ensure certifiability

Objective 2: Develop hardware and middleware platforms based on application independent HW/SW mechanisms that enable safe multi-core virtualisation and core-to-core communication.

* RECOMP aims to manage complexity increase by providing components and platforms

Objective 3: Demonstrate reduced certification and re-certification costs of component-based systems implemented using the RECOMP methods and tools on the RECOMP platforms.

* RECOMP specifically aims to reduce the effort and time required for re-validation and re-certification after change, and to achieve cross-sectoral reusability, through pre-certified components that are cross-domain compatible.


RECOMP at a Glance

Total budget: 9,4M€

Total effort: 1460,5 PMs

Duration: 04/2010 - 03/2013

This project is already concluded

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