Reduced Certification Costs Using Trusted Multi-core Platforms

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 RECOMP benefits for industries

The participating and collaborating partners aim to achieve at least the following advantages:

Lower total system cost: By being able to use multi-core the overall system cost is reduced, as the full application can be run on a single circuit board module that saves mass, volume and power.

Lower cost of the certification of first version of the product: By using a certified computing platform the cost of certification will be reduced.

Shorter time-to-market: The certified platform will reduce time required for the certification of the application

Lower re-certification costs: Re-certification costs can be kept low since non-critical parts of the application can be updated without touching the safety critical parts of the application. In addition, different parts can be incrementally accepted due to the separation into different levels of criticality.

Supplier-based development process: The possibility to develop pre-certified components will enable component suppliers to take on a bigger share of the product development share, distributing costs over several customers, and thus lower overall costs of the development process.

The proposed approach will take into account that depending on the industry and application, different procedures can lead to a cost-efficient product, because this always requires a return on investment analysis: e.g. for low-volume products, the cost of certification can possibly be reduced by deliberately over-dimensioning the hardware, which means an increase in unit cost to reduce development cost, while for high-volume products, the unit cost is the driving factor, and a much higher certification cost can be accepted. Thus each system, architecture, and application will have its own “sweet spot” between certification cost and unit cost. RECOMP will put particular emphasis on this topic when defining processes and validating the certification.


RECOMP at a Glance

Total budget: 9,4M€

Total effort: 1460,5 PMs

Duration: 04/2010 - 03/2013

This project is already concluded

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