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Summary of the Inaugural Meeting

Past Tuesday the project was presented at the ETS. de Ingenierías en Informática y Telecomunicación, where more than 100 interested persons attended.

After the introduction of the head of the School, Joaquín Fernández Valdivia, the professor Samuel Romero explained the project, showing related projects worldwide and previous experience in our department. Moreover, the different missions and departments that will compose the project and several activities to get involved were shown.

Also, from the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, Beatriz Aparicio showed different ways of collaboration and related projects.

Here is the presentation of the meeting (in Spanish), in case you missed it:

(an English version will be updated soon).

Important: if you are student in the UGR, don’t forget to request your inscription in this SWAD link.

You can see more photos of the meeting  in this set of Flickr.

Preparing the first meeting

Today, the members of the ATC Department have met today to prepare the first inaugural session. Professor Samuel Romero has presented the number of interested persons that have fulfilled the form (more than 100!) and proposed the different departments of the project (such as telcom, press, engineering, mechanics or systems) and the benefits that participants (mostly students) could obtain. New ideas from the other members have been considered to be presented in the the inaugural session next Tuesday at 12:30. Don’t forget to attend!


Countdown has been set!

Hi everybody!

Last week several members of the Department of Computer Architecture and Technology of the University of Granada, Spain, held a briefing meeting to start this project. Prof. Samuel Romero told us the idea: that Computer Science and Engineering students (and related disciplines) can learn how engineers work in big, real and challenging projects by following methodologies similar to the ones used in real space programs (that is, imitating NASA or ESA). Combining  the skills from several courses, PhD thesis, final degree projects, our aim is to land a rover in a remote location nearby Granada (Spain). In this first meeting, the project was described to the other members of the Department and the first ideas were discussed. One of the first steps was to create this blog to start the dissemination of the project and gather ideas from all of you interested in the participation and development.

Inspired by the words of President Kennedy when he announced the Apollo Program, we can say that we aim to  take a rover to a remote location, and bring it safely back to home before the decade is over.

“We believe that when men reach beyond this planet, they should leave their national differences behind them.” President John F. Kennedy, 1962.

First meeting