The Project

UGRASP – UGR AeroSpace Program- is an initiative by the Department of Computer Architecture and Technology to help students develop their engineering skills by working on simulated space missions (including flying vehicles, mobile robots, telecommunications, mechanics, control, etc.).

Our proposal is to build a flying  vehicle able to deploy a robotic explorer in a highly unaccessible location.

Our proposed landing location is the top surface of an impressive rock (known as “Púlpito de Canales”) raising in a reservoir near Granada (embalse de Canales), Spain:


In the course of the project, we expect to develop several missions to the rock:

  • a previous reconnaissance “orbiting” mission to take pictures of candidate landing sites
  • a mission deploying a static probe to determine environmental conditions for future rovers
  • the first robotic explorer on the rock
  • even more (sample return missions, etc.)

We will take our inspiration from big organizations, like NASA and ESA, to let us learn a lot of skills on

  • team working
  • project management
  • robotics
  • telecommunications
  • computer engineering
  • computer programming
  • etc.