Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who can join the project?

- This project is mainly oriented for students in Computer Science and Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering and Electronics Engineering at the University of Granada. Nevertheless, we are open to collaborations from anyone interested on this field (professors, students from other disciplines, external collaborators, etc.)

  • Do I need previous knowledge on Space engineering or Computer engineering?

- No. The idea is to team other people and learn together interesting skills, so don’t worry about your background.

  • Is this project oriented only to hardware engineering?

- Hardware (computer engineering) will be the main core of the project, as robots need embedded computers, electronics, mechanical parts, etc. But the rest of disciplines are also important in this project: we will need people doing virtual reality, artificial vision, telecommunications, graphical design, social media, video and photo edition, etc. The idea is to get people from different specialties working together (as it happens in the real world!)

  • What kind of benefits do I get for enrolling?

- Every participant will get a certificate of participation. Additionally, we are working to get free elective credits for students enrolled in  this activity. Also, you will learn a lot of engineering, work in a challenging big project and have an opportunity to show others (even future employers) what you are able to do. We also expect to get new final degree or masters degree projects out of this program.

  • When is the Project starting? What is the duration of the Project?

The Project will start soon after the first meeting, on the first week of the second semester. Formally, the Project lasts for two years, although we expect to keep it alive further.